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We pride ourselves in consulting our clients on business and Technology problems. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of your business operation.

Software development

Software Development

We create, design and deploy custom software to enhance your business operation. We can drastically reduce costs and improve efficiency through cutting-edge technology.

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Become an industry leader while implementing Blockchain infrastructure. If your business needs transparency, traceability and trust, then Blockchain is for you.

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March 28, 2022

What are Smart Contracts on blockchain?

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March 28, 2022

Blockchain in Healthcare

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Are you experiencing issues with
your supply chain?

Blockchain technology has made possible to eliminate most business operation problems.
Our proven methodologies have helped dozens of mid-sized businesses achieve outstanding results in their first year.

Gain trust amongst stakeholders

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Streamline your transactions with third parties

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Reduce costs in your daily procedures

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Integrate a complete ecosystem to increase
performance in your operation.

Entire industries have benefited from the use of smart contracts.
The potential is unlimited, and your business can be part of this technological revolution.

Business Care Consulting can help transform your operation.

1.- We assess the nature of your industry
2.- We evaluate your needs through a Gap-Fit analysis
3.- We implement a customized Blockchain solution

Who is blockchain technology for?


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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing healthcare by making patient data more secure and accessible. It also allows for faster and more transparent transactions between doctors, hospitals, and insurers. And that’s just the beginning.

Supply Chain

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This cutting-edge platform offers a new way of tracking and managing your inventory, ensuring transparency and security at every stage. With blockchain, you can rest assured that your products are in good hands – no matter where they are in the world. So why not give it a try? Your business will thank you!


Retail store

This exciting new technology offers retailers a way to streamline their operations, increase security, and provide a better shopping experience for their customers. With blockchain technology, retailers can keep track of inventory more efficiently, speed up the checkout process, and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Rafael Santibáñez
5 stars

Rafael Santibáñez

President of the Silao Business Advisory Council

"BCare has made the dream of the CCE come true by bringing innovation to the Bajio with the experience in Blockchain implementations. In the short term, we hope to generate Blockchain platforms that integrate business sectors of the Bajio."

Walberto Sánchez
5 stars

Walberto Sánchez

COO BNP Paribas Asset Management

"BCare is the technological support for business transformation based on the “Business Transformation Back to Front” concept that Walberto Sanchez at BNP AM Mexico has implemented to continue strengthening the institutional business operationally and technologically, particularly in the management of technical reserves for insurance companies, treasury surpluses and the pension part giving support to private pension plans, funds and savings banks, which result in services that are different from the traditional ones."

Eduardo del Mazo
5 stars

Eduardo del Mazo


"BCare is our unconditional ally for the implementation and development of Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptos and NFT's."

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